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Tired of belt-way bandits charging an arm and a leg?  Try us! We have a toolbox of services for your success but with hometown pricing.  Our major service areas are: Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Integration, Limited Run Print Services, Instructional Services, Business Consulting,  Network Engineering, Service/Help Desk, and Enterprise Services.  If you need something and we don't have it listed than just give us a call and ask!  Our goal is be your best business partner.  We want to establish a long-term relationship with you.  As a company we put more value on relationships and our success together than the service you just purchased.  So don't be surprised if we are honest and straight forward.    We don't have spin doctors, lobbyist, beltway bandits, or overseas firms trying to influence us.  We believe helping you succeed is our success!

Web Design

Graphic Design

Social Media Integration

Starting up and need a new website? Maybe you have an established company and need to update your current site. In today’s digital landscape, you know the importance of having a professional-looking website. Not only does it give you a valuable online presence that widens your customer base, but it establishes your unique identity among your competition. Nowadays, it’s not an option to have a good website… it’s practically a requirement. In any case, A Desk 4 Me can be your web-design provider. We have a talented staff of designers and developers that can assist you from concept to completion. That way, you can concentrate on developing more business for your company while we deliver a professional website that has the potential to reach millions of potential customers. Let AD4M be your technical partner and give you a head start on your online presence.

Are you a new startup that needs an entire corporate identification package or just need a business card design? We can help with a professional graphic designer on staff. Whether you need a brand new logo for your startup company or need to update your current corporate identification, we are your single source for all your graphic design needs. From corporate manuals to menus, we can give your company a polished, professional brand that will set you apart from your competition. Do you need custom-designed T-shirts for your upcoming corporate event or maybe you need mousepads for the office. Let A Desk 4 Me help. With over 10 years experience in the specialty promotion business, we can help you source a unique promotional item that highlights your brand and gives you more marketing mileage.

What is it and why do I need it?  Why you need it  varies on what you are trying to sell and to who.  It is a collection of tools to communicate with your customers and peers.  You use the tools to define your company, your service and/or products.  Some of the common tools are Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.  Each of the tools are focused on different markets.  LinkedIn tends to focus on business, in contrast to SnapChat's focus of photos with a young consumer audience.  Once you determine which social media tools are best for your business they will need constant attention.  Drop us a note.  We can help you define your social media strategy and manage your social media presence.

Limited Run Print Services

Instructional Services

Business Consulting Services

We offer full color printing at a reasonable price. Work in conjunction with our graphic design professional to give your collateral material a polished look! If you need to get out that annual report or need a short run of business cards, let us take care of your short-run needs. We have high-quality Epson and HP printers that can produce impressive graphics from postcards to posters.

Is focused on communicating information in a more detailed manner to your customer for enrichment about a product or service.  The products created by Instructional Services include training classes, training material, webcast, podcast, games, video, and animation.  We can help with all aspects of your instructional needs from the creation to the management.

First time starting up a business? With over 30 years of business experience, we can help you find your way: from navigating business licensure to opening a corporate bank account, we can help you start your journey to business success.


Already a veteran business owner and ready to make the jump to government contracting? With over 10 years in the government contract arena, we can provide the expertise and support you need to get started in government contracting.

Network Engineering

Service/Help Desk

Enterprise Services

We can design, engineer,  implement, and manage networks for a single home office to a complex headquarters with remote offices.  We can perform penetration testing to determine your network weaknesses.  Are you compliant with NIST 800-171? If you're a federal government contractor it is a requirement.  If you're a commercial company and you are not compliant, don't expect your insurance company to pay for damages because you didn't implement this commonly accepted practices.  We know what services work in town and remote areas.  Our services include the configuration of firewalls, routers, and switches.

We can provide a tailored package for your Hotline, Service Desk, or Help Desk for your company, service, and/or product.   This private label service can be customized to blend seamlessly with your branding.  We offer custom local and toll free calling with managed call trees to ensure the most cost effective solution for your needs.  This capability is fully compliant with NIST 800-171 Controlled Unclassified Information, ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 20000 Information Technology, ITIL, CMMI Level 2 - Services, and ISO 9000 Quality Assurance.  Our solutions combine real people and automation to manage costs.  Our people are fully trained, courteous, and always professional.  Each customer has access to custom metrics so that their customers are provided the best experience.

We can be your IT Department.  Customized solutions for a single laptop to full enterprise with active directory supporting 1000's of employees.  Services include license management, application installation/upgrades, hardware upgrades, virus protection, and "I just need a little help to complete a task".  We can also provide you a customized Help Desk for your IT Services, credit card purchasing/clearing services, web management, social media management, and HR support.


Business Success Bundles

- You have a website.  Congratulations!  Now what?  Does your website look like you posted it on the Internet and never did anything else?

Is copyright updated? When was the last time you posted a big event on your website? Do you even know if it is up or has it been hacked?

How well is your website and social media ranked?  My point is that your responsibility is just beginning when you post your website.

We can tell you how we can help, how we can improve your website traffic, or how to make your website work for you! -

Ready to Rumble

$ 75 | month

Social Media updates 2x/month

Report on your website rankings Update Search Optimization Refresh Options


Ready to Engage

$ 125 | month

Profile your ideal Customer

Establish your social presence

Social Media updates 2x/month

Report on your website rankings

Update Search Optimization

Refresh Options


Who are you going to call?

$ 175 to start | month

Up to 10 calls/month

Update your call tree

Update your online FAQs

Collect Customer Comments

Customer Engagement Report


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